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      • Search is based on 9 digits of the Tax Map Key. Example: 355007040

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      • Search is based on Ili's name or the Ahupuaa it's situated in

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      • Search is based on Ahupuaa's name or the Moku it's situated in

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      • Search is based on Claimant, Helu, or Grant Number

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      • Search is based on Land name, District, or Island

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      • Search is based on Site number, State site, or Site name

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      • Use these tools to measure ground distance or area

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Search Results
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When searching for a Tax Map Key number, be sure to use a 9-digit format without dashes. For example: 355007040
The first digit is the County Code:
1 = Honolulu
2 = Maui
3 = Hawaii
4 = Kauai
Followed by a 1-digit Zone number, a 1-digit Section number, a 3-digit Plat number and a 3-digit Parcel number.

TMKs are often written in different formats.
For example, the TMK above could be written:
3-5-5-7-40, (3) 5-5-007:040 or even
5-5-7-040 without the County Code
Take care when searching for TMKs and direct any questions to kipukainfo@oha.org
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